waterless cooling

improves mpg waterless coolant
no maintenance recycleable
lowers co2 non-toxic anti-freeze
iso 9001 -40C anti-freeze

waterless cooling Reduces fuel consumption by up to 9%
waterless cooling Return on Investment in 6-18 months
waterless cooling Waterless Coolant lasts 4LIFE of engine
waterless cooling Saves on maintenance time and parts
waterless cooling Increases engine efficiency = more BHP
waterless cooling Significant reduction in exhaust emissions
waterless cooling Improves cylinder liner durability and reliability
waterless cooling No more over-heating, after-boil or corrosion
waterless cooling Eliminates need for coolant or inhibitor top-up
waterless cooling Low pressure cooling = no burst hoses
waterless cooling Total installation within four hours
waterless cooling Proven Non-Toxic to animals
waterless cooling Anti-freeze protection to -40°C
Significant reduction in exhaust emissions
The Department for Transport states that, for every litre of diesel fuel burned 2.6 kilos of CO2 and other noxious gases are produced. Improving the fuel consumption of a typical HGV from 7.5 to 7.81 MPG over 100,000 miles can decrease CO2 emissions by 9800 kilos.

Improves cylinder liner durability and reliability
Water based coolants are prone to forming steam bubbles on the surface of engine liners. When these steam bubbles collapse a pit is generated in the liner. Over time these pits get very deep and are a known cause of liner failure. An independent test, carried out in accordance with SAE procedures, confirmed that Evans 4LIFE Waterless Coolants generated significantly less pitting when compared with all other leading brands of coolant. Please ask for a copy of the test report.

Low Pressure Cooling minimises hose failure
To prevent premature boil-over conventional engine cooling systems are fitted with a spring loaded cap, which effectively raises the cooling system pressure to 14.5psi (1 Bar) above atmospheric pressure. This extra 14.5psi is very often the cause of burst hoses. Evans 4LIFE Waterless Coolants only generate 2-4psi cooling system pressure and effectively eliminate burst hoses.

No more over-heating or after-boil
Water based coolants are prone to boil when an engine is operating at full power. And the additional 14.5psi cap pressure is often insufficient to prevent coolant loss and subsequent over-heating and after-boil. Evans 4LIFE Waterless Coolants have a boiling point above 180°C at atmospheric pressure and will not boil over.

Proven Non-Toxic to animals
Traditional coolants are based on Ethylene Glycol (EG), water and corrosion inhibitors. EG is toxic and kills 1000's of animals every year. Dogs and cats are especially prone because they like the taste without realising its effect. Accidental and deliberate human fatalities are also common. Evans 4LIFE Waterless Coolants contain a DeTox additive which renders it non-toxic to animals. Human liver trials are in progress and Evans expects positive results in 2011.

Anti-Freeze protection down to -40°C
Evans 4LIFE Waterless Coolants provide anti-freeze protection down to -40°C. Below this temperature 4LIFE Waterless Coolants form crystals that have no expansive force thus eliminating the risk of engine damage.

Reduces fuel consumption by up to 9%
The Economax Engine Cooling System is proven to reduce fuel consumption by up to 9%. For HGVs covering considerable motorway mileage, fuel savings of 4 to 8% can be expected. Engines used in slow moving and semi-static environments, where ram air cooling is negligible, can achieve fuel savings in excess of 9%. Detailed corroborative data is available on request.

Return On Investment in 6 to 18 months Example 1) A typical articulated HGV covering 100,000 miles Per Annum may return an average of 7.5 MPG which equates to £57,500/- PA, based on £4.30 per Gallon (95 pence per litre). A 4% reduction in fuel costs would generate a saving of £2300/- PA and a ROI within 9 months of conversion.

Example 2) A typical Dust Cart might only cover 15,000 miles Per Annum and return an average of 3 MPG which equates to £22,700/- PA, based on £4.30 per Gallon (95 pence per litre). A 7% reduction in fuel costs would generate a saving of £1,590/- PA and a ROI within 11 months of conversion.

Lasts an engine lifetime
Evans 4LIFE Waterless Coolants are formulated to last for the lifetime of an engine. Water based coolants have to be periodically drained and replaced, involving vehicle maintenance time and materials expense. Evans 4LIFE Waterless Coolants eliminate all these demands.

Eliminates need for coolant top-up
4LIFE Waterless Coolant does not boil over, eliminating the need for constant top-up.

Prevents corrosion to cooling systems
Water is the root cause of cooling system corrosion and why excessive doses of corrosion inhibitor are required. Evans 4LIFE Waterless Coolants contain no water, effectively eliminating all corrosion.

Increases Engine Efficiency = more BHP
Operating at higher temperatures is proven to improve engine efficiency and reduces the fan-on time, freeing more power to be used for traction.


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waterless cooling

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